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Are you trapped, feeling stuck with your life?

We have all heard about how important it is to achieve a good balance in life—health, family, work, money, personal growth, social circles and spiritual development, especially when we entered the “real world”. Likewise, we tend to live our lives as a show in which we are spinning different plates on their own sticks with plate number one being health and so on. The order of the plates may vary from person to person, depending on what the individual chooses to value more.

Imagine that our plates began to wobble—what would be your first reaction? Very likely, we would rush back to save the biggest wobbling plate and continue to save the others before everything crashes down.

How is your show going? Are you spinning your plates by running back and forth? Are you giving too much of your focus on certain plates, and thereby neglecting the essential ones?

Could you see why we could feel exhausted sometimes, and stuck with our lives now? In Sauce It Up!, Sing Pei Tan presents ways to improve the quality of your life through finding key ingredients to add more flavor to your life, helping you discover a better way to take back control of your life.

This book is a recipe for the fundamental life to guide you finding a new way to run your show by creating YOUR OWN SAUCE. This is a “secret sauce” based on your own choice that could turn your life become more flavorsome!


  • Finally break the cycle of your dissatisfaction in any aspects of your life, replacing it with a better one by changing your state of mind.
  • Get clarity about what transformed who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow.
  • Get the control back by finding the authentic self in your life.
  • Enjoy your daily life even more.


A secret sauce to transform you from zero to hero.
  • Explore the reasons why you feel exhausted and stuck with your life.
  • Learn about how does your brain work and how can you master it to achieve your ideal lifestyle.
  • Find out why do you have different perspectives than others.
  • Discover what are your needs that underlie your behaviors.
  • Ways to improve the quality of your life through having better food choices and exercises.
  • Understand how to get yourself feeling awesome about work again.
  • Learn how to plan to become rich.
  • Ways to make learning be a part of your life.
  • How to immerse yourself in the right environment.
  • Get inspired by what you have within yourself through self-identification and self-awareness.
  • Create your own “secret sauce” to turn your life become more flavorsome.
  • Stop, revive (review) and hustle!

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